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Coaching is a rapidly growing industry. In the past few years the number of coaches has increased from just a few hundred to tens of thousands. Fortune listed companies are finding themselves outsourcing to external coaches due to the effectiveness of these skills. Executives, and professionals around the world are realizing the effectiveness of coaching their employees and are now taking it on, and learning what it takes to be a great coach

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Bjorn and Vicki Martinoff are a powerful husband and wife combination. Powerful CEO Coaches and Executive Coaches in their own right both bring their own individual styles, interest and backgrounds to benefit their client interactions. They have four children and live in Makati City, Philippines which is conveniently located right in the heart of South-East Asia and very central to Greater Asia.

Bjorn Martinoff
Bjorn MartinoffCEO Coach
As the top CEO coach in Asia Pacific, Bjorn has spent the better part of his life observing how people, teams, and organizations grow, identifying what gets in their way, and coming up with tools, structures, and processes that help them overcome obstacles to reach the next breakthrough level of organizational, personal and professional growth
Victoria ‘VICKI’ Penaflor-Martinoff
Victoria ‘VICKI’ Penaflor-Martinoff
Vicki Martinoff is a Global CEO Coach, Executive Coach, and Trainer, and also the COO of F1C International. Vicki has a B.A. from the University of Santo Tomas and a Masters Degree in Technology Management from the University of the Philippines, Diliman.

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